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10 AM EDT, March 26th, 2005


Main Topic – Enshrining of Shree Vishnumaya Durga at HU


On the auspicious weekend of March 26, 2005, the beautiful and powerful icon of Shree Vishnumaya Durga was enshrined on the Hindu University of America’s Orlando campus.  She embodies the Sri Vidya, higher knowledge principle which represents spiritual enlightenment and higher learning.

While being sculpted, the rare hymn of Shreevidyaa Mukaambikaa has been recited, which invokes the subtle form of the Goddess into the Charamurti.  She was hand carried to the United States in 1988, enshrined in the residence of the Vijay and Vasanti Jayaswal in Westchester, California.  She has had daily prayers and offerings since her arrival to the United States.  Today, through the generous sacrifice of the Jayaswal family and their California community, She has been entrusted to the Hindu University of America.  This weekend marked an astrologically significant time for such an event.

The evening program was emceed by Vice President of HU, Abhinav Dwivedi.  Faculty members, Dr. B.V.K. Sastry and Dr. M.K. Sridhar offered their salutations and respect to the Mother by chanting the traditional Durga/Saraswati Prayer.  President, Kuldip C. Gupta, shared with the full house of participants the great importance that Shree Vishnumaya Durga will now play in anchoring the existing and future programs of the University. 

 In a very inspiring speech, Mrs. Vasanti Jayaswal, herself a student at HU, shared the long road that the Devi has traveled, a few of the many moving moments when the Eternal Mother has touched the lives of Her followers, and her wish for the continued devotional worship of the Divine Mother in Orlando. 

 Following the chanting of the Lalita Sahasranam, everyone received personal darshan by offering flowers.  Arati, the act of offering the eternal flame of Divinity which burns within each of us to the Devi, was followed by a heart stirring musical performance led by Pandit Nandkishor Muley, the head of HU Divine Music Program.

 Special guest speaker, Swami Chidghanananda Parivrajak of the Shri Shivdham Hindu Temple, gave praise to the Jayaswals and called upon the community to support spiritual education beyond temples.  He emphasized the importance of community involvement in strengthening the bonds of Sanatana Dharma, and demonstrated his vast knowledge and gentle love, devotion, and worship.  The evening concluded with the Shanti (Peace) Mantram sharing of prasadam and a chance for old friends to get together and meet new ones.

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