Register for a Course

Registration is quick and easy. Follow these steps below.

  • Print the registration form, and fill-it out completely. Remember to sign it!
  • Pay your tuition and other fees at least one week before your courses begin.
  • Send your forms and fees to us : Our Contact Information

Send your signed registration form to us as an attachment (pdf or Word) to

Pay your fees online here.

Please note, at this time, online payment is accepted from US credit cards only. International students should contact admissions for other payment options.

Cheques should be made out to "International Vedic Hindu University," in the memo section of your cheque, please note your course numbers.   

*Please allow at least two weeks from the start of the next semester to register for your courses. Payment must be received in full at least one week prior to the start of your courses.  

For more details contact IVHU
Ph: 407-275-0013
email :

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